Parenting Coordination in British Columbia
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Parenting Coordination in British Columbia: Resolving High-Conflict Divorce Matters

Separation and divorce can be emotionally challenging for all parties involved, particularly when children are at the center of high-conflict disputes between parents. In some cases, traditional mediation, negotiation, and litigation may not be sufficient or effective in addressing disputes surrounding custody, access, and decision-making in relation to the children. Parenting coordination, an alternate dispute resolution process, can provide an innovative and structured approach by which to manage and resolve post-divorce parenting conflicts in British Columbia.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth exploration of parenting coordination in British Columbia, detailing its purpose, benefits, and the role of the parenting coordinator in assisting separated or divorced parents to overcome disputes and communicate more effectively. We will also discuss the critical role that experienced family law attorneys, like those at Pathfinder Law, play in guiding, supporting, and representing clients seeking to engage in the parenting coordination process.

Pathfinder Law is a well-regarded family law firm servicing clients in Abbotsford and across British Columbia. Our team of skilled family law attorneys offers extensive expertise and experience in parenting coordination matters, providing insightful legal guidance, support, and advocacy to clients navigating high-conflict divorce situations. Trust the professionals at Pathfinder Law to protect your interests and rights as a parent, while ensuring that all decisions made throughout the parenting coordination process prioritize the best interests of your children.

Purpose and Benefits of Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a child-focused and alternate dispute resolution process designed to assist parents in implementing and maintaining functional parenting plans, specifically in high-conflict situations. The primary purpose of parenting coordination is to reduce parental disputes and protect the best interests of the child. Some of the benefits of engaging in this process include:

– Expedited resolution of disputes: Addressing conflicts quickly with the assistance of a proficient parenting coordinator can reduce the negative emotional and psychological impact on both parents and children.

– Improved communication: Parenting coordination helps parents develop and refine communication skills, fostering a more collaborative and effective co-parenting relationship.

– Reduction in court involvement: By resolving disputes with the help of a parenting coordinator, parents can minimize the need for court intervention, which may be time-consuming, financially burdensome, and potentially traumatic for the family unit.

Role of the Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator is a qualified professional, typically a family law attorney, mental health professional, or mediator with comprehensive training in dispute resolution and family dynamics. Their primary function is to assist parents in navigating conflicts and reaching mutually agreeable solutions that prioritize the best interests of the child. The responsibilities of a parenting coordinator include:

– Facilitating discussions and negotiations between parents to develop practical resolutions to disputes;

– Offering guidance in interpreting and implementing existing parenting plans;

– Providing recommendations for modifications or adjustments to parenting agreements as circumstances change;

– Enforcing and monitoring compliance with parenting agreements and court orders related to custody and access;

– When necessary, making determinations and deciding on minor issues, given the authority granted by the court or the parents’ agreement.

Engaging a Parenting Coordinator: Process and Applicable Situations

Parents can engage a parenting coordinator through mutual agreement or by court order. The process typically involves:

– Identifying and selecting a suitable coordinator who possesses the required qualifications and expertise;

– Signing a written agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the parenting coordination process, as well as the specific matters within the coordinator’s scope of authority;

– Participating in regular meetings and conferencing sessions with the parenting coordinator to address and resolve disputes as they arise.

Parenting coordination is particularly beneficial in situations where:

– Traditional mediation or negotiation has proven ineffective or unproductive;

– Parents have a history of high-conflict interactions that could negatively impact the child;

– Parents require guidance and support in implementing and maintaining parenting agreements or court orders;

– Ongoing communication, decision-making, and coordination are necessary due to the nature of the custody arrangement or the child’s specific needs.

How Family Law Attorneys Assist in the Parenting Coordination Process

A family law attorney’s expertise and guidance are invaluable during the parenting coordination process. Skilled and experienced family law attorneys can:

– Provide legal advice and representation: Services include advising clients on their rights, obligations, and the legal framework applicable to their unique situation, as well as representing clients during the parenting coordination process or in court when necessary.

– Develop and refine parenting plans and agreements: An attorney can offer valuable insights into the creation and modification of parenting plans, addressing essential matters such as custody, access, decision-making authority, and dispute resolution procedures.

– Facilitate the engagement of a qualified parenting coordinator: A family law attorney can help clients identify, select, and engage a parenting coordinator who possesses the required qualifications and experience to address the family’s specific concerns and conflicts.


Parenting coordination offers a structured and collaborative dispute resolution process for high-conflict divorce situations in British Columbia, focusing on the best interests of the child and fostering improved communication and cooperation between parents. The guidance and support of experienced family law attorneys in Abbotsford, such as those at Pathfinder Law, are crucial in navigating the complexities of parenting coordination and ensuring that your rights and interests as a parent are protected throughout the process. Trust our team of dedicated legal professionals to provide the essential expertise, compassionate support, and unwavering advocacy needed during this challenging life transition. Allow us to walk alongside you, advocating for your family’s future and offering steadfast guidance as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

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