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Family Law Blog Retroactive Child Support
Family Law

Family Law Blog – Retroactive Child Support

Family Law Blog – Retroactive Child Support In family law proceedings a common issue that may arise is the financial aspect of the children’s care. Whether you or your former partner are responsible for paying child support, you’ll want to ensure that the correct amount is being paid. Retroactive child support can be a grey area that you may find yourself dealing with and is defined as past child support owed for a child that has not been paid or

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Construction Law Blog: Contract Conflicts And Extra Work Claims
Construction Law

Construction Law Blog: Contract Conflicts And Extra Work Claims

Construction Law: Contract Conflicts And Extra Work Claims A new construction project is an exciting time for you. Whether you are building a family home or working on a large-scale project, construction matters can be stressful. Working in collaboration with contractors and builders within a defined budget and tight timelines can complicate things, causing issues to arise between parties. Construction Law is a specialized and critical component of Pathfinder Law services. We have significant and broad experience in all aspects

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What is a Desk Order (Uncontested) Divorce?
Family Law

What is a Desk Order (Uncontested) Divorce?

What is a Desk Order (Uncontested) Divorce? A desk order divorce, or uncontested divorce, is the agreeable ending of a marriage between two parties. Necessary papers are filed and there is no court appearance. Instead, a Judge reviews your divorce documents outside of the courtroom and grants a divorce, ending the marriage legally. When a case is undefended or uncontested from the start and no family claim has been filed; or when the spouses bring a joint family law case,

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What is Civil Litigation Law Blog Abbotsford
Civil Litigation

What is Civil Litigation?

What is Civil Litigation? Civil Litigation is the process of bringing disputes to court to have them resolved by a judge. The Judge makes a decision on the outcome of the case based on the evidence presented by all parties involved.  Civil litigation may involve individuals, limited companies, partnerships or other legal entities.  To start a civil claim, you must file the correct documents in court. Some can be commenced with a notice of civil claim, while others must be

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The Benefits of Incorporating Your Business
Business Law

Benefits of Incorporating Your Business

Benefits of Incorporating Your Business The Benefits of Incorporating Your Business – When exploring options for the structure of your business, you’ll have to make a choice between having a sole proprietorship or an incorporated company. While the initial cost of incorporating can be slightly higher than sole proprietorship, the long term benefits for your business far outweigh the cost. Boost your Business Image Being incorporated can give an image of professionalism that sole proprietorship can’t. It allows your company

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Wrongful Termination Blog Abbotsford Law Firm
Employment Law

Have You Experienced Wrongful Termination in BC?

Have You Experienced Wrongful Termination in BC? Wrongful Termination – If you have been let go from your job without a good reason, you may have been wrongfully dismissed. Agencies like the BC Employment standards branch exist to uphold employment laws and advocate for employee rights, but if you don’t get the results you’re hoping for from them, the help of a lawyer may be necessary to seek a fair resolution for your case. From the date of termination, you

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